MTB Skills: The Master List of 15 Cycling Skills for Beginner and Pro Cyclists


The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Biking Skills 

Hundreds of videos and articles concentrating on mountain bike abilities and how to improve them have been shared over the years. This page will compile as much of that data as possible in order to make the issue more digestible for readers. We’ll keep it up to date as new skills content becomes available.

Why to Focus on Cycling Skills?

MTB Skills

Our ability to do something well, often with desired results, is roughly defined as a skill. Such ability necessitates a great deal of practice, as well as a period of failure, adaptation, and, eventually, confidence. Oh, and don’t forget to include a healthy dose of humility for good measure.

Most people are not born with natural talent for the activities they enjoy. The challenge of learning and improving is what draws some people to highly skilled activities like mountain biking.

You can probably see some improvement from where you are now if you look back at the level of skills that got you through your first few rides. Perhaps you have scars that remind you of certain lessons?

How to Improve Cycling Skills?

Mountain Bike Skills, Basic Mountain Bike Skills, MTB Basic Skills

Mountain biking is a sport that has been steadily growing in popularity and is now one of the most popular sports in the world. As it becomes more and more mainstream, its popularity continues to grow and there are many new people who want to learn how to mountain bike.

There are many different ways that people can improve their mountain bike skills. There are some people who go out on regular rides with experienced bikers. Others will do research on the topic and find out what they should be practicing to get better at their sport. The best way for someone to improve their mountain biking skills is by doing as many different activities as possible so they can see which ones work for them.

The best way to improve your mountain biking skills is to get out and ride. There are many different techniques that you can try depending on the trail, skill level, or type of riding that you want to do.

No matter what your riding goals are, mountain biking is a fantastic activity that can be enjoyed by many different skill levels.

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What are the Top Mountain Biking Skills?

Mountain Bike Skills, Basic Mountain Bike Skills, MTB Basic Skills

Mountain biking is an exciting mix of physical activity and outdoor
exploration. It is a fun sport for everyone, regardless of age or skill level.

Here are some skills that every mountain biker should have:

Cycling Skill # 1) Ability to maneuver around obstacles

Mountain Bike Skills, Basic Mountain Bike Skills, MTB Basic Skills

On a mountain bike, switching lanes and avoiding obstacles are critical skills to master for smooth and safe riding. Whether you’re riding a mountain bike, or any other two-wheeled vehicle, knowing how to glance behind you and move side to side in traffic is essential. This is what is called the maneuver around obstacles.

Cycling Skill # 2) Ability to maintain balance while riding on uneven terrain

Mountain Bike Skills, Basic Mountain Bike Skills, MTB Basic Skills

Balance is vital to all of the more advanced abilities you may wish to learn, and learning how to balance your weight on the bike in a variety of positions will help you to manoeuvre your bike through and over trail hazards.

Cycling Skill # 3) Ability to ride safely in a group

Mountain Bike Skills, Basic Mountain Bike Skills, MTB Basic Skills

All bikers in a group are accountable for each other’s safety. The only way for a group to ride securely together is for the riders in the front and back to act as the group’s ears and eyes, and for messages to be sent through the lines.

When you detect a pothole, signal it before you go around it so that the rider behind you is aware of your intentions and may avoid the hole. Before changing your path, if you need to move out around an impediment or parked automobile, indicate with your arm behind your back the direction you are heading in. If you’re coming to a halt or slowing down, signal with your hand down at your side, palm facing the rider.

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Cycling Skill # 4) Ability to stop quickly when needed

MTB Skills, Mountain Bike Skills, Basic Mountain Bike Skills, MTB Basic Skills

Your weight goes forward over the front wheel when you apply the brakes, putting all of your braking power on the front brake. According to experts, this makes it more difficult to maintain control of your bike and properly stop. “As you brake, push your weight back to keep it on the rear wheel and balance out the braking forces”. This will also save you from going end over end if you have to brake hard at a high speed. “The faster you have to brake, the more weight you should push back.” My stomach is on the seat, thus I’ve literally thrown my butt behind my saddle. It has a significant impact on your braking power and handling.”

Do some emergency stops in a parking lot or a grassy area to get some practice. Increase your speed, place your hands in the drops, straighten your arms, and press your weight back behind the seat while braking hard with both hands, keeping your weight low on the bike.

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Cycling Skill # 5) Knowledge about how to fix a flat tire

No matter what type of riding you undertake, getting a flat tire is an unavoidable aspect of cycling. With basic equipment, a little knowledge, and plenty of practice, repairing a flat bike tire is simple. It will become more routine the more you do it. Check out the complete bike maintenance course for detailed learning.

Always have a spare tube, repair kit, tire levers, a bike pump or C02 inflator, and a multi-tool with you when riding your bike. Check out the important cycling equipment for riders.

Cycling Skill # 6) Reading the trail

You’ve probably heard the phrase that you should look as far up the trail as possible before turning and keep your “eyes on the exit.” These statements are absolutely correct, and they are among the most crucial skills in mountain biking. Vision and good trail scanning will help you anticipate problems and changes in the path, allowing you to ride faster and more confidently in the end.

Cycling Skill # 7) Pedal Stroke Ability

An effective pedal stroke is essential for conserving energy throughout your ride, ascending smoothly, sprinting quickly, and eventually getting over the major hurdles on your path. For new riders, achieving a firm circular power transfer in the pedal stroke will save you a lot of energy and make your ride much more enjoyable.

Cycling Skill # 8) Cornering Ability

Because the bulk of trailside dirt naps and general crashes occur when turning, this is an obvious area to work on next. Carrying more speed into corners is also one of the best ways to shave seconds off your total time if you want to go quicker on your bike. You’ll probably let out an incomprehensible shout of delight the first time you feel the force of your body being driven into a berm at speed, and you’ll be hooked on turning as fast as possible.

Cycling Skill # 9) Lifting the front wheel

Obstacles will always exist on trails, and learning how to get your bike over them without dismounting can be a lot of fun. The first step is to loft your front wheel onto and over obstacles so that you may roll over them. Front wheel lifts are also a good way to get started with wheelies and manuals, which are more advanced skills that we’ll discuss later.

Cycling Skill # 10) Climbing Skill

Mountain biking, like it or not, necessitates some climbing in most regions. Climbing steep and technical trails can be one of the most enjoyable challenges on two wheels, and it is often the skill that propels racers to the top step.

Cycling Skill # 11) Riding Drops

As you progress to steeper and more technical terrain, you will undoubtedly encounter stair steps and drop-offs. It’s a good idea to check at the landing before you send it, depending on the extent of the drop, but with the learning, you’ll be ready to huck yourself in the air in no time.

Cycling Skill # 12) Steep Descending

You probably enjoy a long and rapid descent regardless of how fit and competent you are on the hills. When the slick sections of the path grow steeper and more challenging than braking and leaning back can handle, you’ll need to use a variety of MTB Skills to enjoy the ride. If you don’t like for fall-line tracks and steep chutes, or if you live in a pancake-shaped area, learning to ride steep descents properly will make things safer when you need to descend.

Cycling Skill # 13) Bunny Hops

Getting the remainder of your bike off the ground and over obstacles is the natural next step after using front wheel lifts. Bunny hops can assist riders over obstacles on the track without losing speed, and they’re the foundation for a variety of advanced feats that mountain bikers can try once they’ve mastered the right amount of loft.

Cycling Skill # 14) Jumping

Most of us have attempted a jump or two at some point, whether it was on a dirt pile outside your childhood home or on your neighbor’s skateboard ramp. Even the finest riders can enhance their Mountain Biking Skills to throw their bikes and bodies in the air at the same time, and luckily, there are plenty of resources to assist us.

Cycling Skill # 15) Wheelies

Wheelies can help keep your front wheel out of larger wheel-swallowing dips on the trail (“wheelie drop”), as well as a variety of other helpful and stylish manoeuvres.

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Tip for Learning MTB Skills Quickly & Effectively

To bike riders, mountain biking is an exciting sport that can be
intimidating to learn. However, there are some tips that can help them learn
the skills quickly and effectively.

The best way to learn mountain biking quickly is by taking a lesson with a
qualified instructor. Riding on dirt or paved roads will also help them
understand the characteristics of different terrain types and how they affect
their bike handling skills.

Bottom Line: –

Mountain biking is one of the most popular sports in the world and as it becomes more mainstream, its popularity continues to grow. There are many different ways that people can improve their MTB skills. The best way to improve your mountain bike skills is to get out and ride.

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