Conquer the Elements: A Guide to Cycling in the Rain Like a Pro


Introduction: Cycling in Wet Weather – Cycling in the rain

Cycling in the rain can be challenging which is why it is important to plan ahead. To stay dry and comfortable, clothing must be waterproof and ideally breathable. For visibility, a headlight, taillight and reflectors are recommended. It is also important to have the necessary cycling gear for changing or fixing a flat tire, such as a pump or spare tube.

Cycling in the rain isn’t exactly a popular activity among riders. We all find ourselves riding in the rain at some point, whether it’s because the rain started unexpectedly, because it was raining around commute time and you just had to go to work, or because the training programme said that’s what you had to do. In this post you will learn about what to to exactly for safe cycling in the rain.

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

Cycling Gear That Will Make Riding Your Bike When It’s Wet A Lot Easier

The rain is a cyclist’s worst enemy. It can ruin your ride and make you feel like you’re cycling in a pool. But fortunately, there are some things you can do to help yourself out.

Luckily, there are bike gear products that will make cycling in the rain easier for you. And we’ll show you what they are so that you don’t get caught with your pants down when it starts pouring outside.

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#1: Rain Jacket

A rain jacket is one of the most important pieces of wet weather cycling gear because it will keep your clothes dry and protect you from the wind and water. Plus, it’s easy to put on! Below are the most popular Rain Jackets for men and Women. Check out the latest Cycling Jackets Deals on Amazon Page.

Cycling Rain Jacket For Men:-

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

For long kilometres in the saddle, the Double Century RTX is a highly light and packable shell. This ultra-light waterproof-breathable cycling jacket features Artex 2.5DC tech fabric for a drier next-to-skin sensation than your usual 2.5 layer jacket.

The groundbreaking Double Charcoal print on Artex Hardshell 2.5DC fabric wicks moisture and lifts the membrane layer off your skin, providing a softer, drier feel than other 2.5 layer fabrics without adding bulk. The DWR (durable water repellent) coating and waterproof-breathable membrane provide excellent rain and wind protection. This rain jacket in available in two different colors, you can buy it by following the below button and start your safe cycling in the rain.

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

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Cycling Rain Jacket For Women:-

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

The PreCip Jacket is a full-featured rain jacket that is both fashionable and affordable for back-country and city travelers. Marmot’s comfortable and breathable NanoPro waterproofing technology is featured in the PreCip Women’s Rain Jacket. 

NanoPro coating is made up of densely packed holes that are small enough to keep water droplets out but large enough to let water vapour out, allowing you to stay cool and dry even as your activity level rises. Because of the built-in Angel-Wing Movement, your arms will maintain complete mobility throughout. You can slip the entire jacket into its internal pocket and stash it in your bag when the weather improves.

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

#2: Waterproof Shoes or Shoe Covers

Waterproof shoes or boots are also essential cycling gear in the rain because they will keep your feet dry while also protecting.  Moreover, you can use waterproof cycling shoe cover. Below is the recommended shoe cover you must try.

VAUDE Waterproof Bike Shoe Cover with Reflective Elements

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

Keep your shoes safe! Put these water-resistant gaiters over any pair of shoes and chuckle at any rain or backspray that comes your way. Reflective accents and a full-length velcro fastening. Bluesign-certified primary materials are used.

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

#3 Keep splash off with Mudguards

They may not be attractive and may rattle, but they are necessary. Mudguards will keep the filthy water off your feet, lower legs, and back while you walk along the road (where un-guarded wheels will spray the water with carefree abandon).

Even if the rain doesn’t fall, the roads will be flooded. The (filthy) water is then flung up by the wheels, drenching you and making you cold. The addition of a flap to the front guard will provide even more protection. Below you can find the best selling mudguard available online: –

All Mountain Style AMS Front Mudguard

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling Mudguard

It shields you from mud and water splatter. Fork has been added. Dust, muck, and debris protection is provided by the seal. Extra front protection without sacrificing style Aesthetically and functionally designed. A special varnish is used to keep the design from scratching. It is a must cycling gear for cycling in the rain.

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

#4 Always use Chain Degreaser

After a rainy ride, you should shower and dry off as soon as possible. Your chain is in the same boat.

Cover it in degreaser (WD40 or GT85 are both readily available, then wipe it down with a rag until it’s dry. After that, a few drops of lubricant will protect it till the next ride. If you do this, the chain’s longevity will be doubled.

Spray the other metallic moving elements, such as the front and rear gear systems and brake callipers, as well. avoid getting degreaser on the hubs, bottom bracket, wheel rims, or brake blocks. After a wet ride, your bike should ideally be washed completely, although we understand that this isn’t always possible.

#5 Cycling Cap is Mandatory for Cycling in the Rain

In the heat, air vents in helmets are great, but not so much while cycling in the rain. A inexpensive bicycle cap worn beneath your helmet provides a good barrier for your head, with the peak providing additional spray protection for your eyes.

Other options include a skull cap (although they don’t have peaks) or an aero helmet as many of them have plastic covers or fewer vents. You can try the below selected cycling cap: –

Halo Headband Skull Cap

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

The Halo Skull Cap has a lightweight but effective design that allows it to be worn beneath a helmet comfortably. Even on scorching summer days, the smooth mesh top keeps your head cool. This sweat skull cap is ideal for bicycling, lacrosse, football, hockey, motorcycle riding, or wearing under a hard hat on the job.

  • 4-way stretch micro-mesh top releases heat for year-round comfort
  • Patented Sweat Seal channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face!
  • Grip Technology keeps it in place during any activity
  • Dryline fabric absorbs sweat, wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Will not lose shape, form or stretch out
  • Stays in place during any activity
  • One size fits both men and women
  • Works great under helmets
Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

#6 Stay Away From Standing Water

Stay away from it. Standing water is not only unpleasant to be around, but it can also be quite dangerous because you never know what lurks beneath. It may be a puddle, but it could also be a wheel-shattering pothole.

Before going safely out to ‘ride the lane,’ glance over your shoulder for standing water (most standing water will gather near the kerb). Only ride through standing water if you can see what’s beneath it clearly.

#7 Check your Tyres and lower the pressure if necessary.

Rainwater washes all kinds of dirt onto the roads, and your tyres pick up more of it than usual when they’re wet.

After each ride, give your tyres a brief inspection for flints, glass, and other debris. Check any cuts in the tyre’s carcass that could weaken it or cause the inner tube to bulge through.

In the winter, it’s a good idea to ride a heavier tyre with a thick tread. Why not try a 25c tyre with a lower pressure as well?
Running your rubber at a slightly lower pressure – 5 to 10 psi – increases the surface area of your tyre, which improves both grip and comfort on the road. It is recommeded to use Puncture-proof tyres

#8 Use Lights

Driving standards plummet in the rain, whether it’s due to water droplets on wing mirrors or a steamed-up windscreen. When it’s raining, even in the middle of the day, it’s well worth it to make oneself more visible.

There are a plethora of high-quality, lightweight LED lights that can be fastened to your bike invisibly. If you’re riding at night, you’ll need lights that comply with the law. Flashing LEDs are a nice touch. Below is the recommended Bike Light for you: –

BLITZU Bike Lights Front and Back

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

A full bicycle safety system with a rechargeable headlight and a battery-powered taillight that is both rechargeable and long-lasting. When connected to any USB connection, the battery may be fully recharged in less than 2 hours. On strobe mode, the battery can last up to 6 hours.

Weather-resistant and long-lasting – These lights have an IPX5 water resistance rating and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Impact resistant and built to perform, with a military grade anodized finish (front light). Built to last for many years of use. Cycling Lights are must cycling gear for you.

Cycling in the Rain, Cycling in Bad Weather, Cycling in the Rain Clothing

Bottom Line: –

Cycling in the rain can be difficult, which is why it’s crucial to prepare ahead of time. Clothing that is waterproof and, preferably, breathable is required to stay dry and comfortable. A headlight, taillight, and reflectors are advised for visibility. It’s also critical to have the required cycling equipment, as shown above in the post. Download Cycling Equipments Android App and Visit Online Store to get exciting shopping Offers.

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