How to Convert Your Mountain Bike to a Commuter Bike at Home : Step-by-Step Guide

 Cycling Equipments aims to provide simple and easy methods to convert mountain bike to commuter bike at home. In our today post you will find very important information in this regard. Are you considering purchasing a commuter bike? Do you have a mountain bike in the garage that you don’t think is fit for commuting? Then reconsider, because you can convert old mountain bike to commuter, quicker commuting bike with only a few simple adjustments, saving you a lot of money in the process.

MTB to Commuter Bike Conversion

Convert Mountain Bike to Commuter Bike

Below are the simple and easy steps. Follow these steps for MTB to Commuter conversion.  If you do not have any component, you can buy that by following recommended products. Do you have tools to get started? No. Check out the Multitools Set Here Now.

Step 1 to Convert MTB to Commuter Bike : Replace the Tires

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The first step is to get rid of those enormous, heavy off-road tires because, while they’re necessary on the dirt, they add weight, drag, and slow you down on the road. Replace them with the smallest slick or semi-slick tire that will fit on your rim. Take this one step alone, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the weight, speed, and feel of your bicycle.

Here are a few of our go-to commuting tyres. Before you go out and buy tires, figure out what size your wheels are (26′′, 700cc, etc.) and get tires that fit that size.

If you’re not sure, most wheels will have the diameter listed on the rim, or the size listed on your present tires (for example, 262.0, 700cx35). The first number indicates the tire’s diameter, while the second indicates the tire’s width.

  1. For 26″ wheels: Continental Ride Tire
  2. For 700c wheels: Kenda Kwest K193 Commuter Tire
  3. For 29″ wheels: WTBA0 WTB Slick 2.2 Comp Tire, Black

You’ll almost certainly need to use a different sized tube when fitting narrower tires, so take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to a pair of puncture-resistant tubes. When it’s time to inflate your new tires, make sure to pump them up hard, really hard; this will drastically reduce your bike’s rolling resistance.

Step 2 to Convert MTB to Commuter Bike: Fenders (Mudguards)

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To Convert Mountain Bike to Commuter Bike, second step is to install / change fenders. Mountain bikes are built to be ridden in the mud and dirt. Few come with a fender, for the simple reason that mud will soon lodge itself between the fender and your tire. As a city cyclist, getting your bicycle bogged with mud should not be a problem.

Front and rear fenders on your mountain bike will keep water and filth from the road from splattering your clothes, ensuring that you arrive at work clean and dry. Fenders are considered necessary equipment among frequent bicycle commuters, or at least among those who want to arrive at work clean and dry, despite their unattractive appearance. They’re also inexpensive, lightweight, and quick to install. Below are few recommended Commuter Fenders, you can check out these.

  1. Full fenders, 26″ wheels: Planet Bike Hardcore Bike Fenders
  2. Full fenders, 700c wheels: Planet Bike Full Fenders
  3. Clip-on fenders, 26″ wheels: Planet Bike Clip-on Fenders
  4. Clip-on fenders, 700c wheels: Planet Bike Clip-on fenders

Step 3 to Convert MTB to Commuter Bike: Panniers, Racks, and Baskets

Third step for MTB to Commuter Conversion is to install panniers, racks and baskets. The majority of first-time commuters use a backpack, which is perfectly acceptable. Switch to a rear rack and panniers (or trunk bag) instead when your shoulders start to pain, you’re tired of having a sweaty back, or you wish to carry larger, heavier items. Waterproof panniers can hold everything you need for your workday, including a laptop, additional clothing, and even a gallon of milk on the way home.

Again, whether or not your bicycle frame has eyelets will determine the style of rack you may use. If it works, you may purchase and attach a standard frame-mounted rack to the eyelets. You’ll need a rack that clamps into your seat post if you don’t already have one. You can check out in local market or below are three recommendations in this regard: –

  1. Frame Mounted Rack: Ibera Rack for Commuters
  2. Seatpost Mounted Rack: Ibera Seatpost Commute Rack
  3. Panniers: Ortlieb Waterproof Back-Roller City Panniers

Step 4 to Convert MTB to Commuter Bike : Install Front and Rear lights

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Whether you plan to ride in the dark, you should equip your Commuter bike with commuter lights to convert mountain bike to commuter Bike . You’ll eventually find yourself staying later at work than you expected or spending more time at happy hour than you anticipated.
In low-light settings, even if you’re riding around sunrise or sunset, lights can aid. Both a bright, flashing front headlamp and a bright, flashing rear light are required.
The greatest commuter lights are bright, inexpensive, and last a long time. Here are a few of our favorites in a variety of pricing ranges, you can pick any one from these: –

Step 5 to Convert MTB to Commuter Bike: Reflective Tape and Stickers

Reflective tape is a wonderful way to increase your visibility on the road at night for very little money. Many cyclists are fervently against high viz, yet it is a terrific way to improve your visibility on the road at night for very little money. Such tape is available at your local store, and I like to use it on parts of my bike that don’t get much attention during the day but shine brilliantly at night. Reflective materials moving in unexpected directions are more likely to grab a motorist’s notice, thus I prefer to put some reflective tape tabs on my cranks.
I propose strategically applied reflective tape on any commuter bicycle if it doesn’t bother your fashion sensibilities. Check out latest deals of Reflective tapes on Amazon.

#6 Improve the quality of your Saddle

No 6 step in MTB to Commuter Conversion, If your saddle (bike seat) is uncomfortable, one of the first things you should replace is it. You’ll be surprised at how much more pleasurable your work commute will be if your saddle fits you properly. Either go to a nice shop and try a few on, or choose one from our list of the best women’s saddles. Check out the latest deals of comfortable saddles on Amazon.

A Good Guide to Mountain Bike Maintenance

While you’re working on your MTB to convert mountain bike to commuter bike, take advantage of the chance to complete some additional preventative maintenance activities, like Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance is the best resource for mountain bike maintenance and repair. Your mountain bike will be the ideal commuting bike if you’ve followed the guidelines above and completed a few maintenance jobs.

Moreover, you can also take complete training of mountain bike maintenance at home.  Read out exclusive information about this maintenance course.
Bicycle manufacturers will attempt to sell you a bicycle for any occasion, including road bikes, mountain bikes, cross bikes, fat bikes, commuting cycles, and even gravel bikes. Don’t get taken in by it. The simple addition of thin slick tires, fenders, a rack, and some lights will transform your old mountain bike into a road cycle for a lot less money.

Bottom Line: –

In this post you have read about the easy and simple way to convert mountain bike to commuter bike at home. By following the simple steps and using the specific tools you are now able to make this conversion simple. Feel free to post your comments in this regard. Happy Cycling!

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