Best Bike Computers Under $300 to Elevate Your Cycling Experience

Listed below are the best bike computer under $300 price, according to the CyclingEquipments test team’s selection.

The Complete Guide to Best Bike Computers Under $300

What are the Top 5 Best Bike Computers Under $300 ?

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

Below are the short listed top 5 best bike computer under $300. These are selected on the basis of user ratings, features and performance. 

1. Garmin Edge 530, Performance GPS Cycling/Bike Computer         $299.99

2. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt V2 GPS Cycling/Bike Computer                          $299.99

3. Bryton Rider 420t One Size Bike Computer                                                $249.00              

4Garmin Bike Computer Edge Explore 820                                                    $239.99

5Bryton Rider 450T Bike Computer                                                                     $279.95

Featured Bike Computers : Under $300

#1. Garmin Edge 530, Performance GPS Cycling / Bike Computer with Mapping, Dynamic Performance Monitoring and Popularity Routing

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

Description and features:-

Who cares if the Edge 530 cycling computer provides dynamic performance monitoring and insights to assist you in improving? Yes, you do. Edge 530 is ready to roll as your new riding partner, whether you’re a podium finisher, Kona qualifier, gravel grinder, straight-shaven, urban pedaler, dirt ball, or somewhere in between.

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

Cycling computer with mapping and GPS performance. Vector Compatibility (power meter). Compatible with power meters (displays power data from compatible third-party ANT Plus-enabled power meters)

When used in conjunction with suitable sensors, dynamic performance monitoring gives information on your VO2 max, recovery, training balance, heat and altitude adaptation, nutrition, hydration, and more.

New bike alarm, group messaging and monitoring, help, and compatibility with Variant rear view radar and lights let you to see and be seen when cycling (when device is paired with your compatible smartphone)

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

MTB dynamics capture jump count, jump distance, and hang time, as well as Grit, a measure of ride difficulty, and Flow, which tracks the smoothness of your descent, so you may exceed your previous score.

Up to 20 hours of battery life with GPS; compatible with Garmin Charge power pack for up to 40 hours of additional battery life. It is one of the best bike computers $300, available online.

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Best Bike Computer

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Alerts! Call, email, tracking, Navigation and much more in One Bike Computer

#2 Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt V2 GPS Bike Computer

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt V2 GPS Bike Computer Under $300

Description and features:-

Setup of Companion App

To get the most out of every ride, download the free ELEMNT companion app and modify your rider profile and training pages using your smartphone’s easy interface.

100% wireless 

ELEMNT GPS bike computers provide a totally untethered experience, so no more fumbling with laptop connection wires to sync exercise data or update software.

Alerts! Call, text, and email

Calls, messages, emails, WhatsApp, Signal, Line, Telegram, and WeChat are all notified via pop-up alerts and LED indicators. A smartphone running iOS or Android is required; Do Not Disturb mode can be turned off.

Radar Integration with ANT+

To gain real-time proximity of vehicles approaching from behind, pair your ANT+ Rear view radar. Cars are depicted on the computer’s screen and through LED indicators.

Charging While You’re Using It

Even on the longest days in the saddle, never lose track of your navigation. With a portable USB charger, you can charge your ELEMNT BOLT while riding.

Track in real time

When riding with your smartphone, share a LiveTrack link via the ELEMNT Companion App for that day or indefinitely.


For routes and file types like as GPX files, TCX files, and routes imported from Strava, Ride With GPS, and Komoot, the ELEMNT BOLT will automatically provide turn-by-turn suggestions. Top LEDs and audio indications let you know what your next turn is or whether you’ve strayed off course at a glance.


Maps of the world are included. Take Me To allows you to construct a route with turn-by-turn directions by picking a destination directly on the ELEMNT BOLT map page, pan and zooming, or choosing from one of your stored locations. Enter a destination, location, or place of interest in the ELEMNT Companion App to produce a route with turn-by-turn directions and sync it to the ELEMNT BOLT through Bluetooth. There are many other smart features available with this bike computer. 

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Best Bike Computer

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#3 Bryton Rider 420t Bike Computer

Bryton Rider 420t Bike Computer, Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

Description and features:-

If you’re searching for a GPS bike computer with a lot of features and is easy to use, the Rider 420 is the one to choose. The Rider420 pairs with all major electronic shifting systems, including Shimano Di2, Sram Etap/AXS, and Campagnolo EPS, via Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless networking, to clearly display gearing information and battery life. The Rider 420 is packed with features, including an innovative, high-quality 3.2inch Mono LCD (Optically transparent bonded screen) and an ANT+ FE-C capability that allows you to take control of your compatible indoor trainer.

Bryton Rider 420t Bike Computer, Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

Change the layout of the screen by pairing with the Bryton Active app and making adjustments in real time. The Rider420 will function anywhere you take it, whether it’s nationally or globally, thanks to the full global GNSS. Follow the track / Turn by Turn navigation is simple to set up and will assist you in getting to or from your destination. With the Rider420, you can go anywhere and do anything. It is also one of the best bike computer under $300.

  • Supports up to 80+ functions
  • 35 hours of battery life
  • 2.3 Inch Mono LCD (Optical Clear Adhesive Bonding)
  • Smart Notifications (SMS, Calls & Email)
  • Supports Full GNSS (Global Satellites)
  • BLE smart 5.0 (for quick and easy data transfer)
  • Built in barometer for accurate altitude
  • Auto Altitude Calibration by GPS
  • ANT+/BLE dual band support for all sensors
  • Pedal Power Meter compatible
  • Heart Rate & Powermeter zones
  • Electronic Shifting support
  • ANT+ FE-C Smart Indoor Trainer support
  • Workouts Planning, TrainingPeaks Workout Auto Sync
  • Track & Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • Distance to next POI Indication
  • Automatic upload to STRAVA / Relive /TrainingPeaks / Selfloops via Auto Sync

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Best Bike Computer

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#4 Garmin Edge Explore 820 Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge Explore 820, Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

Description and features:-

Get ready for the Edge Explore 820 from Garmin, adventurers and touring bikers. This small cycling computer is designed for riders who seek ease and detailed navigation on their next ride. For on- and off-road riding, the Edge Explorer 820 features a capacitive touch display with turn-by-turn GPS navigation

When you and other riders in your pack become separated, the new Group Track feature keeps you and other riders in your pack informed of each other’s location. Connect IQ also offers a number of linked features, such as smart notifications and custom apps and widgets, which you may download. Built-in incident detection and compatibility with Varia rear view radar are among the cycling awareness features. 

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Best Bike Computer

#5 Bryton Rider 450T Bike Computer

Bryton Rider 450T Bike Computer, Best Bike Computer Under $300, Cycle Computer Under $300

Description and features:-

Bryton Rider 450T Bike Computer with GPS The Rider 450 is a GPS cycling computer designed for mountain bikers. Rider 450 is preloaded with OpenStreetMap, which provides important location information while heading to the trail or riding in the trail, in addition to all of the capabilities of Rider 410. It can accurately record your ride thanks to full GNSS support. 

Its capabilities like follow track and WLAN data sync make you even more enamoured with it. Features of the product: Rider 450 preloads OpenStreetMap with Full GNSS support, allowing you to discover trails, position yourself, and know which direction to go in a second, making it ideal for mountain bikers. Bigger LCD, Better View – The Rider 450 is equipped with a vivid black and white 2.3″ big display that makes reading data a breeze.

It can fit up to 10 data points per page, giving you a greater picture of your real-time performance. Rider 450 delivers a convenient and straightforward user experience for mountain cyclists by utilizing OpenStreetMap (OSM). At a look, you can discover the trails, determine where you are, and determine which direction you should go, making the rides smoother and more pleasurable. ESS Support – The Rider 450 now supports Shimano’s Di2, SRAM’s eTap, and Campagnolo’s EPS electronic gear-shifting systems.

Instead of checking your crankset and cassette, you may immediately access all gear information from the ESS on Rider 450, including gear ratio, gear combo, and even battery life. Support for ANT+/ BLE Sensors – Aim for maximum ease. After a simple setup, both ANT+ and BLE sensors function properly with the Rider 450. Bryton’s first GPS riding computer with full GNSS functionality including GPS, Glonass, and more.

Best Bike Computer Under $300, Best Bike Computer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Bike Computers?

bike computer is an electronic device that displays information about the rider’s speed, distance traveled, and other metrics during cycling. The computer is typically attached to the handlebars or stem of the bike and is powered by an internal battery or by being plugged into a power source such as a wall outlet.

Can I use my phone as a bike computer?

Yes, you can use your Android Phone as Bike ComputerJepster is an Android application that allows you to use your phone as a bike computer. Jepster tracks your ride using GPS. It also works with ANT and Bluetooth heart rate monitors, as well as speed and cadence sensors and power meters. Put the information that matters to you on the screen: maps, power data, heart rate, and so on.

Is it necessary to have a bike computer?

The main purpose of a bike computer is to provide data when cycling so that riders can improve their performance. It also provides some convenience in that it can store data in memory for future use and allow riders to know how far they have gone without having to do any calculations themselves.

It’s not necessary to carry around more equipment if you only cycle one or two days a week. A bicycle computer, on the other hand, will provide you with more meaningful data to fit your demands if you’re training for a race and riding five or six days a week.

Bottom Line: –

Bike computers can help cyclists reach their fitness goals by making it easy to compare performance across different days of cycling. It can also help cyclists with training for professional racing events. This post related to Top 5 Best Bike Computers Under $300 will surely help you to choose the right bike computer for you. Cycling is one of the most popular activity to lose belly fatMoreover, you can shape your body perfectly by using this activity.  You can share your cycling experience with us, we will surly publish your stories.  Please share your comments regarding this post.

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