Best Stationary Bikes for Women Under $300 To Choose in 2024

The release of stationary bikes for women have led to the growth of the fitness market. But, if you are looking for a stationary bike, it can be difficult to find one that is not only well-priced, but also offers the features and quality that you desire. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best stationary bikes for women under $300 price to choose the right one for your fitness journey.

These exercise bikes will offer everything from a low price point to smooth and quiet operation, and they will provide a comfortable and enjoyable workout experience at your home.

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Quick List of Best Stationary Bikes For Women Under $300

A stationary bike is the perfect tool for women who has limited time, space or mobility issues since it doesn’t require large amount of space or purchase an expensive mat or treadmill to get results. Here is our selected stationary bikes for women quick list: –

Bike Category Discount Price Buy Now
Sunny Health Recumbent Bike Best on a budget 17% $99.99 Order Now!
Marcy Magnetic Exercise Bike Best overall 10% $249.90 Order Now!
Marcy Upright Stationary Bike Best for resistance 17% $173.44 Order Now!
GOFLYSHINE Exercise Bike Best for indoor purists 10% $199.99 Order Now!
Sunny Health & Fitness Trending 24% $150.20 Order Now!

1. Sunny Health Recumbent Bike

Best on a budget bike

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Sunny Health Recumbent Bike

This stationary bike for women is a great choice to get lower-body workout without overworking your joints. It has different eight resistance levels. So you can esily increase the intensity of ride. With this amazing exercise bike, you can burn more calories. Prominant features and specifications are listed below: –

Features and Specifications:

  1. It is equipped with belt driven motor
  2. 3.5 pound flywheel
  3. Easy to shift and store, Weight is 19 pounds only
  4. Stationary bike lenght 20.5 Inch and 10.5 inch height
  5. 8 Resistance levels

2. Marcy NS-40502R Magnetic Stationary Bike

Overall Best Choice

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Marcy Magnetic Stationary Bike

Marcy magnetic stationary bike comes with foam-covered, ergonomic handles and adjustable foot pedal straps. So you can ride at home comfortably and efficiently.  You can get the same kind of workout as larger, more expensive exercise bikes, but in a smaller package.  This bike has eight resistance levels. Ride at home and burn more calories. Prominant features and specifications are listed below: –

Features and Specifications:

  1. Ultra functional LCD panel displays time, speed, distance, calories burned, odometer
  2. 5 different operation settings
  3. Fit for your fatloss journey
  4. Quiet operation, so you may watch Netflix without headphones.
  5. Padded and Adjustable seat for extra comfort
  6. Superior stylish steel frame
  7. Vinyl padded handles
  8. 8 magnetic resistance levels
  9. Power Source : Battery powered

3. Marcy NS-1201U Upright Stationary Bike

Best for resistance

Exercise Bike For Women, Marcy Upright Stationary Bike
Marcy Upright Stationary Bike

This unique stationary bike for women is another great option to get fitness at home. With this Marcy’s Upright Stationary Bike you can shed extra pounds and get a leaner, toned figure. Lose weight in the comfort at home with fat-burning easy workouts. Prominant features and specifications are listed below: –

Features and Specifications:

  1. Heavy-duty steel frame and scratcheless bike appearnace.
  2. Adjustable seat to accommodate all body sizes users.
  3. Bike allows you to contour to the curve of body accurately.
  4. 8 magnetic resistance levels.
  5. This bike alllows you to customise and regulate your cardio workout based on your fitness level.
  6. LCD display has been installed that tracks your time, current speed, distance traveled, and calories burned.
  7. The pedals are equipped with adjustable foot straps that allow you to establish the perfect fit for stabilized treading throughout exercises.
  8. With its transfer wheel system, you can easily move and relocate this upright stationray bike from one place to other.
  9. Comfortable padded grip handles with high-density foam that enable secure and comfortable holding.
  10. Power Source : Battery Powered
  11. Material : Alloy steel

4. GOFLYSHINE Exercise Bike

Best for indoor purists

Best stationary bikes for women, exercise bikes for women under 300
GOFLYSHINE Exercise Bike

This stationary bikes is made with heavy duty steel. It has infinite resistance and belt drive system to make sure a stable cycling experience. It is quite silent and smooth exercise bike. Prominant features and specifications are listed below: –

Features and Specifications:

  1. Maximum weight limit is 300 lbs.
  2. Infinite resistance system.
  3. Heavy duty steel frame.
  4. Smooth and silent riding.
  5. Space saving design.
  6. Front mounted wheels.
  7. Fully adjustable handlebars.
  8. Built in arm and elbow rests.
  9. Adjustable seat, forward/back and up/down.
  10. Multifunction LCD monitor that displays time, speed, distance, calories burned.
  11. Water bottle holder, mobile holder and PAD bracket.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203 Stationary Bike


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This Stationary bike has been ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. It has a padded seat that can be adjusted in four different ways. The adjustable seat provides comfort and stability to you . To add or remove resistance, simply rotate the knob. Summary and features of this bike are listed below:-

Features and Specifications:

  1. LCD dispaly to monitor time, speed, distance, and calories burned.
  2. 22-pound flywheel provides high inertia and resistance, allowing you to fine-tune your riding session.
  3. Smooth and stable ride is provided by the chain drive mechanism
  4. Rubber foam paddle handle bars make your training last longer
  5. Support upto 220 pound maximum user weight.
  6. Padded and non-slip for additional comfort and safety.
  7. The smooth felt pad brake system allows for a variety of tension settings, resulting in a more intense workout and increased calorie burn.

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