Artistic Cycling Guide 2024 : Everything You Need To Know About Artistic Cycling


Introduction: What is Artistic Cycling and and What are the Important Artistic Cycling Gears?

Artistic Cycling is a bicycle sport that combines elements of artistic expression, physical strength, and technical skill. This unique sport has been around for over a century, with its roots in Europe. It involves performing tricks and stunts on a specially-designed bicycle while incorporating elements of dance and gymnastics.

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

The goal of Artistic Cycling is to create an aesthetically pleasing performance that incorporates the rider’s individual style and skill level. Riders must exhibit balance, coordination, control, power, gracefulness and creativity throughout their performance to be successful. As the sport continues to grow in popularity around the world, more people are discovering the beauty of Artistic Cycling and its potential for personal growth and development.

The Essential Equipment for Artistic Cycling

Artistic cycling, also known as freestyle or stunt cycling, is a form of competitive cycling where riders perform tricks and stunts on a specially designed bicycle. To be successful in this sport, it is essential to have the right equipment. This includes a specially designed artistic bicycle, freestyle bike parts and stunt bike gear.

The artistic bicycle is the most important piece of equipment for artistic cycling. It has been designed to provide stability and maneuverability while performing tricks and stunts. The freestyle bike parts are also essential for success in this sport – they include extra-wide handlebars for balance when performing tricks, special tires for better grip on the ground and more. Finally, artistic cycling gear such as helmets, gloves and pads are necessary for safety during performances.

All of these components are essential for any cyclist who wants to take their skills to the next level with artistic cycling. With the right equipment in place, cyclists can enjoy all of the thrills that come with this exciting bicycle sports. Below are the recomended artistic cycling bike and cycling gear for you:-

Artistic Cycling Bike

Artistic cycling needs a bike that provide stability and maneuvering. Below is the artistic cycling bike selected by Cycling Equipments Team for you:-

Mongoose Title BMX Artistic Bike

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

  1. Wheel Size    :    20 Inches (Also Available in 24 Inches)
  2. Color    :    Black
  3. Frame    : Aluminium
  4. Suspension Type    :     Rigid
  5. Cable Routing    :    Internal
  6. Rating    :    4.4 out of 5.0

Level-up with this Mongoose Title series BMX artistic cycling bike for the more advanced riders out there. This bike is designed for intermediate to pro skills, provides the high-end performance you need to come out for artistic cycling. A professional-grade 6061 Tectonic T1 biaxial hydro formed and butted aluminium frame (20.75″ top tube), 86mm BB shell, 3D forged 10mm dropouts, and internal cable routing are there in this bike.

It has 4130 chromo 8-inch rise handlebar and 50mm stem, designed for precision riding, while the strong Exposure double-wall aluminium rims and Arisen XLR8 BMX race tyres add crucial durability without weighing you down. 

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

Get the most out of your biking experience with Mongoose Artistic Cycling Bike! This stylish and sturdy bike is built with a lightweight aluminum frame, 20-inch wheels, and a rigid suspension type. Its sleek black color will make you stand out on the street and its performance-oriented components will help you feel like a pro. Take your biking to the next level with Mongoose Artistic Cycling Bike!

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

Essential Artistic Cycling Gear

Whether you intend to compete in a professional artistic cycling race or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, the cycling equipment required for various bicycle sport disciplines will differ.

Cycling clothing and safety equipment are essential for all cyclists, regardless of the type of biking they do. Below are essential artistic cycling gears for you:-

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1. Artistic Cycling Helmets

Helmet is one the most important cycling gear for your safety.  A cyclist’s best friend is a helmet. It is the only thing that protects the head from injury in the event of an accident. A helmet will also keep you safe in inclement weather. Moreover, suitable helmet provides you following benefits during artistic cycling journey:-

1) It shields your head in the event of an accident

2) It shields your head from inclement weather.

3) Prevents heatstroke

4) To keep your hairstyle

Giro Disciple MIPS Artistic Cycling Helmet

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

With a fibreglass shell, soft internal padding, and vented brow sports, the Artistic Cycling Helmet is lightweight and comfortable. Meanwhile, the integrated, breakaway P.O.V camera mount and built-in speaker pockets help to limit impact in this critical area, and the vinyl nitrile cushioning along the jaw line aids in impact management. 

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

It also has the MIPS system, which can redirect impact energy and provide extra protection in certain situations. Overall, it’s an excellent helmet for a new era of riding.

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

2. Artistic Cycling Elbow Pads & Elbow Compression Sleeve

Artistic Cycling Gear, Artistic cycling elbow pads

The second important cycling gear for artistic cyling is pads. These Body-mapped, impact-absorbing SmartFlex padding is used in this elbow compression sleeve, which is flexible while riding but hardens on impact.

These are very comfortable, lightweight, and flexible pads which provide complete comfort while artistic cyling.

The silicone gripper on these padded compression elbow sleeves keeps the pads in place. These elbow compression sleeves are made of moisture-wicking, ventilated UPF 50+ fabric.  Made by G-Form , the best protection for cyclists while also protecting the fields they play on.

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

3. FIRELION Half / Full Finger Bike Gloves Non-Slip Shock-Absorbing Touchscreen

Artistic Cycling Gear

Third important gear for artistic cycling is Gloves. In this context, we have selected FIRELION goloves for you. Experience unparalleled comfort and protection for your hands with FIRELION Bike Gloves. These are non-slip, shock-absorbing gloves are designed to keep you safe and comfortable on any terrain. Enjoy the convenience of touchscreen-friendly gloves, so you can stay connected while your ride. 

With superior durability and breathability, you can feel confident that your hands are protected from any harsh conditions. Get ready for the ride of your life with FIRELION Bike Gloves! It is available in different colors and designs on Amazon. You may place your order by following button below:-

Artistic Cycling, Artistic Cycling Bike, Artistic Cycling Gear

4. ARSUXEO Men’s Cycling Shorts

Artistic Cycling Gear

Get ready to ride in style with ARSUXEO’s Cycling Shorts! These shorts are made from high quality, water-resistant fabric that is breathable and quick drying. The deep side pockets provide plenty of storage for your essentials and the baggy design ensures a comfortable fit. 

Whether you’re cruising around town or hitting the trails, these cycling shorts are versatile enough for any activity and will keep you looking and feeling great!

5. ERT Artistic Cycling Skinsuit For Women (60% OFF)

Ready to take your cycling performance to the next level? ERT Cycling Suit Women is your perfect match! This cycling skinsuit is designed with aerodynamic fabrics that are lightweight and stretchy, making it incredibly comfortable and breathable while you ride during artistic cycling. It’s ideal for all levels of cyclists, from beginners to professionals. 

Get ready to experience faster speeds, increased stamina, and improved ventilation – only with ERT Cycling Suit Women! Available in many different beautiful colors. Free Shipping Available. Click below to order Now!

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Bottom Line

Artistic cycling is an effective and healthy activity. It has many incrediable  benefits for you. So it is required to spare some time from daily routines, and start riding from today. Joining the bicycle sports will make you fit, healthy and wealthy as well. Feel free to post your comment / feedback about this post. Moreover, share valueable feedback / your cycling stories regarding cycling benefits you experienced. Happy Cycling!

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